Be careful with

Pattern 5

Be careful with…

مراقب … باش

۱٫ Be careful with the wet paint.
مراقب باش رنگی نشی

۲٫ Be careful that you don’t catch a cold. Put on more clothes before you go out.
مواظب باش سرما نخوری. قبل از اینکه بری بیرون لباس بیشتری تنت کن.

۳٫ Be careful not to spill the milk.
مواظب باش شیر رو نریزی

➿ Conversation

? She has been calling me for several days. I think she’s interested in me.
چند روزه داره بهم زنگ می زنه. فکر می کنم بهم علاقمنده.

? Are you sire? I think she already has a boyfriend.
مطمئنی؟ من فکر می کنم که اون دوست پسر داره.

? How do you know?
از کجا می دونی؟

? A friend of hers told me. I’d be careful, if I were you.
یکی از دوستاش بهم گفت. به جای تو بودم احتیاط می کردم.

? Why?

? Because I heard boyfriend is a weightlifter.
چون شنیدم دوست پسرش وزنه برداره.

? Wow! You’re right. I guess I’d better not call her.
واو! حق با توئه. بهتره بهش زنگ نزنم.

✍ She’s interestes in me = She is interested in me.
✍ I’d be careful = I would be careful.
✍ I’d better = I had better

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